How to Apply Dip Powder Manicure at Home

In this tutorial we will go through everything you need to get started creating the perfect dip manicure at home by yourself!
Kit Includes:
-Step 1 Primer
-Step 2 Base Coat
-Step 3 Activator
-Step 4 Top Coat
-Cuticle Oil
-Nail File
-Nail Buffer
-Cuticle Pusher
-Dusting Brush
-4 Dip Color 1 oz. Each
-Pink Travel Case
The first step to getting the perfect dip manicure at home is preparing the cuticle and nails. Check out our page for the video tutorial.
After proper cuticle and nail prep, start by applying Step 1 Primer liquid to all the nails.
Starting with the clear dip powder application, apply a thin layer of Step 2 Base liquid to the nail, carefully avoiding the cuticle area and the skin.
Dip your nail into the powder at a 45 degree angle. (This step is optional, some people prefer to dip straight to the color powder without a clear layer first)
Repeat on all fingers and brush off the excess powder with the dust brush.
Next Apply a think layer of base liquid to the nail, and dip into the color powder of your choice. For this video we are using Ballerina Slipper.
Repeat on all fingers and brush off the excess powder with the dust brush.
Repeat this step 2 or 3 times depending on the desired thickness and color.
After each dip each the pointy side of a cuticle pusher to trace the cuticle arch and ensure clean lines and a longer laster manicure.
Apply a generous amount of Step 3 Activator to harden and set the powder.
Allow to dry.
Using a nail file, file both the sides of the nail and the tips creating the shape you would like to achieve.
File the top of the nail to remove any uneven ridges and creating a smooth nail bed.
Use the nail buffer to create an even smoother surface.
Brush off the nails with the dust brush again before apply another layer of Step 3 Activator.
Apply a thin layer of Step 4 Top Coat to all nails. Allow 60 seconds to dry.
Depending on desired gloss, repeat the last step.
Once the Step 4 Top Coat is dry apply the Step 5 Cuticle Oil to the cuticles and rub in.
Enjoy your manicure and make sure to tag @powderfulanails when you post on social.